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I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

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    Cecillie Prisfeldt


    Cecillie Prisfeldt

    In general, I like the slightly raw and masculine look - and I like to appear like that as well.

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    Feminine and raw-style

    If I’m wearing something feminine to a party, I like to style it with some more raw-style pieces of jewellery, that can dress it a bit down and create some balance in my outfit.

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    My love for jewellery is huge. There are some specific pieces of jewellery that I always have connected with my mom and grand-mom, which is a feeling I have been very fascinated by since I was a little girl. Similarly, my jewellery help to define me also.

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    I feel confident and, oddly enough, feminine, when I’m wearing jewellery, which is despite the fact, that I have always desired a more raw look.

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