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I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

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    My Jewellery Universe

    By Camille Brinch, Designer & Founder.

    Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dream

    My story begins with a rejection from the jewellery school

    Six years ago, I was sitting in my parents' shed

    There, I experimented with silver.

    I melted it, shaped it, used my beloved hammer and began dreaming of creating designs in it.

    Suddenly, hours felt like minutes. I completely entered a world where I forgot all about time and place.

    Making jewellery ignited a fire in me. I didn't want to spend time on anything else.

    So, it was natural for me to apply to a jewellery school.

    ... However, the application resulted in a rejection and a blow to my self-esteem. Damn.

    It hurt. I finally felt that I had found my great life passion.

    So I used my you-can-do-it willpower and went to every local jeweller I could find. 

    My vision was to seek out the dream for myself. To make my own way with no need for an education. 

    ... It turned into a round of even more rejections. And that hurt. Big time.

    I believe that when you truly love something, you cannot let anyone stop you from pursuing it. 

    And all I wanted was to make jewellery. It felt as simple as that.

    And then, it all happened quickly

    I decided to sign up for a completely basic jewellery-making course in my hometown. 

    Here I learned all the basic techniques in jewellery-making. And so, I was ready to use those in the silver.

    After a while, I created my own Instagram profile and started selling my designs.

    And from there, everything took off… And now, here we are today. 

    I am certain that I would never have come this far if it weren't for my many attempts and rejections.

    They made me a much stronger, more experimental, and more curious person. 

    Therefore, my jewellery is characterized by me being a completely self-taught jewellery designer with an enormous creative urge to create and experiment with new designs.

    And so, my pieces are both simple, timeless, and edgy.

    I only work with pure precious metals. All of my jewellery is made in pure sterling silver, and my gold-plated pieces are plated with a thick 22-carat layer on top.

    I love designing jewellery that women can use to express their personal style. Whether it's a simple, edgy, or chunky style.

    Today, it has become a whole CB  jewellery universe. A universe where we can inspire each other and remind ourselves to go after our wildest dreams 🔥

    Thank you for following along.

    Love, Camille

    Hey, not so fast! You gotta wait till the release on 29.02.24 <3

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