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Icon: I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

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What a lovely gift! I'd like to extend my return policy for you. This way, if the gift receiver would like to return or exchange the jewellery, there'll be plenty of time to do so.

Camille Brinch

My name is Camille Brinch and I’m the founder of Camille Brinch Jewellery.

My journey began in my parents’ shed where I would make jewellery. In 2016, I created an Instagram profile and then my website where I started selling my jewellery. Since then, things have been moving fast, and I now have my own workshop and office as well as several colleagues.

camille brinch

I’m a self-taught jewellery designer with a strong creative urge. My designs are simple, timeless and edgy.

I draw inspiration from the visual impressions I get in my everyday life and in the streets, but the inspiration most often hits me when I’m sitting at the table in my workshop experimenting.

I love creating designs that are full of contrast and can be both beautiful and feminine as well as more raw and chunky. My great passion in life is to design jewellery that can help you create your own expression and that you can use to make your expression more feminine, raw or chunky.

I hope you like my jewellery and find inspiration for how to combine the different pieces yourself and create your very own expression.

Welcome to my jewellery universe.

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