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Icon: I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

I offer free international delivery, and you get 30 days to return or exchange any of my jewellery

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Viktoria Guldbrandsen


Viktoria Guldbrandsen

My personal power is in my jewellery - that’s why I wear my pieces of jewellery on a daily basis, regardless of my mood.

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The meaning of jewellery

My zodiac sign is The Lion, which is known for loving large gold jewellery - and definitely also loves the attention of standing out with some very eye-catching pieces of jewellery. All of my jewellery has a meaning; some of which are new and shiny, whereas others are inherited and functions as my amulet of happiness. I make sure to wear the latter on those extra important days.

My favorite pieces

Playing with contrasts

I love to play with contrasts and, therefore, often takes a pair of large gold-plated hoops to a chunky knit. If my outfit is too shiny, I often dress it down with some more simple pieces of jewellery.

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I wouldn’t mind running up on the 5th floor one more time, just to get an important ring I have forgotten.

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